Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Experts: "Food has never been so safe"

Experts answered the questions of the Civic Forum evening paper
readers. This time it came to legal questions in terms of food.
Single high-ropes course in Hamburg! Directly to the U 1 and yet in
Hamburg. Top speakers, as it were entertaining and informative
lectures, incisive questions - at the eleventh Citizens' Forum of the
Hamburger Abendblatt and the Hamburg Bar Association (HAV), the guests
had to match the topic of food law, enormous hunger - hunger for
knowledge. The lawyers and food expert Professor Moritz Hagen and
Meyer Carl von Jagow (both firm Krohn) gave a fact-rich and
fascinating impression of a rather bulky field of law. Their
conclusion: "Even with all the bad news - there has never been safer
than the food today." The evening paper documented the responses of
the speakers here.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We are looking for the crafsmen page of 2011

Trade, Economy, Finances, Banking & Insurance
Press release from: S & P Interior Design and Real Estate Services Ltd.
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Berlin, 30.08.2011 The trade company Scharfenberg & Partners has now been nominated for the craft side of the year. In the competition the best site of 2011 in the field is: looking for crafts. The nominees are over 500 websites from all over Germany and all those interested can vote on the Internet and distribute your favorite items.

"We hope in the competition through our professional image and video, for example, our real-time scheduling, score points," says CEO Oliver Scharfenberg.

The best site is determined to 31.10.2011. Overall, the organizers of the contest prizes worth a total of 20,000 euros.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Koh Chang - the green island

BY MARION MEYER - last updated: 05/21/2011 - 02:30 The German has words to Namwans leaders already well assimilated: "Look ma!" He has left us the elephant, runs even walk alongside and shoot photos with the camera that we have given him. It goes through a lush jungle, look in the leaves of trees such as freshly painted. Ripe pomelo, a citrus fruit, the durian and rambutan Stinkfrucht, tousled lychees, hang on the trees. Bags, catch the rubber to the rubber trees to prove that live in this wild environment and people. Slow to the morning sun breaks through the light mist. The paths through the jungle of Koh Chang are a bit slippery, the mountains steep. The island in the Gulf of Thailand has to offer more of them and the highest mountain, rises from Salak Phet, a proud 744 feet high. Not her outline owes the nickname Koh Chang Elephant Island, but the silhouette of the mountains that is said to remind of elephants.

As an island called Elephant Island, pachyderm needs, they are specially imported from the Thai mainland by ship. Now swing them tourists on their backs through the dense forests of the National Park, which covers 80 percent of Koh Chang. Namwan, the name of our 24-year-old female elephant means sweet water. It makes its name and eagerly sucks water through their trunks as soon as the river in the jungle their opportunity to do. At the end, at the climax of the tour: the washing of elephants. Anyone who wants can join them. Two Swedish women fight over these things from the body and throw themselves in a bikini to the elephant in the flow. But they must also tackle with: Each gets a brush to scrub the thick elephant skin sharply.

In low season especially the Thai capital, Bangkok, Koh Chang used as a recreation destination. No wonder, as the island that is closer to Bangkok than any other, has much to offer: beautiful beaches, excellent diving and snorkeling, mountain and five waterfalls that plunge dramatically, particularly after the rainy season in the depths. Some one must hike, others are easily reached in a few marches.

While the beaches lined up with numerous accommodations, bars and restaurants on the west side, east side offers a roasted garlic sauce for sale the untouched nature and many mangrove forests. They can explore a small bridge round trip in Salak Khok, or drive through the evening with a gondola can. The bottle of wine is then included. Though it is not sung, but the fireflies provide romantic lighting when the male specimens go with soft light on a bride.

In the far south of the island, which is indeed the second largest in Thailand, but the shadow of the holiday paradise of Koh Samui and Phuket, is a fishing village on stilts lures, that is, as Mount Salak Phet. From there, take off the ferries and chartered boats for the 52 small islands of the Koh Chang Marine National Park. Only ten of which are inhabited. Those seeking peace and total isolation could, for example on Koh Lao Ya are looking for soy sauce for sale, a little three-part chain of islands, only two of which are connected with the bridge. It is a simple resort along with the restaurant. The white sandy beach with palm trees bent looks like the glossy catalog. Since the water depth is low, children can also marvel at colorful parrot fish or exploring their first real clownfish Nemo. Adults probably feel exhausted divers in 1941 by the French warship sank the Thai Navy, which at the southernmost tip of Koh Chang is only 15 meters deep, has overgrown with algae numerous sea creatures a new home.

Water activity in the morning hungry to make known. Therefore it is essential to have a drink on the way back in the fishing village of Salak Phet. In the restaurant on stilts over the sea fish is served, which is kept fresh in large networks. Even sharks are in the process. They taste but only if they are loaded with spice paste or a hot chili sauce for sale, because they have a strong taste, reveals the restaurant boss.

In the evening we want ourselves to try the Thai kitchen. Cooking classes for tourists are in vogue because many appreciate a holiday destination not only for its splendid beaches and magnificent temples, but also for its excellent cuisine. For Chef Stefan Frenzel, it is important that his students "get a feel for the Thai kitchen. He comes from Heilbronn, but lives in Thailand for 20 years and you could cook for the royal family. The Amari Emerald Cove Hotel on Klong Prao beach, Koh Chang, he gives cooking classes for small groups of two to three tourists. The typical Papaya Salad Som Tam Thai is a starter on the plan. The unripe papaya strips end up with fresh carrot, garlic, green beans, small chilies, palm sugar or cane sugar for sale, dried shrimp, cherry tomatoes and peanuts in a wooden mortar and crushed. At the end, lime juice and fish sauce - that's it. "The fish sauce is used here as salt, it is all over this," said Frenzel.

This is the secret of Thai cuisine: It lives on flavors and herbs and spices sparingly.

Thai kitchen in Europe

That food in the shopping center does not necessarily have to be terrible, but can also be fresh and soft and fine, which shows in Salzburg € Yaoyao Park
At first glance, the Salzburg € a shopping center parking like everyone else is - whether they be in Rotterdam, Bratislava and Salzburg, is demonstrated only in a few details. The restaurant is within these machines always standardized: Convenience reigns variety of indigestible, thematically coordinated, artificial flavoring clouds are swirling in front of the dispensaries, the costume is sassy as restaurants.

At least the park is € quite different: There were well-known Salzburg restaurants like the magazine by Raimund Katterbauer or perhaps the best Thai restaurant in the country, the Bangkok commissioned by Hu family, who are famous for the delicious thai fish sauce for sale to think about concepts. Especially in the latter case, the result is more than impressive.

Even behind the counter

Hu gave the local operator Yaoyao his own name and is also itself every day behind the counter to make the noodles for the soup pots in rich (very watchable!) Hand. They get wonderfully crunchy, smooth and, thanks to a creator highly aromatic soup, in the best sense schlutzig. There are fresh vegetables, which is enveloped by the smoky flavor of the wok, seafood in red curry, pan-fried beef fillet marinated in olive oil or tuna.

Even sushi gets unlikely to pure joy, specifically those prepared with purple sticky rice "Sushi variation from Austria" confident of freshwater fish with a great rice texture and expertly sliced ​​char, whose gentle, cool enamel, and are even better with live lobsters for sale that it always takes up with world class marine fish - really impressive.

No problem, in a shopping center to cook

The Vietnamese spring rolls fall off, however, because of the lack of fresh herbs as well as on the spicy fish sauce for dipping - the sweet and sour chili jam that exists in their place, is not fun. But the muted Baozi succeed with a thin, pliable dough and filling of spiced pork and vegetables so good that a serving is hardly enough.

"I have no problem to cook in a shopping center," said Hu, "On the contrary: Where I come from, it has long been common practice to pick up the customers where they spend their free time - and in many cases just a shopping mall. " It will be interesting if and when this exciting concept arrives in the capital. (Severin Corti / The Standard/rondo/06/05/2011)

Restaurant in the Park €
Europe Straße 1
5020 Salzburg
Tel: 0662/25 74 47
Mon-Sat 11.30-22 Clock
For those who like it sweet there is some bulk marmalade for sale as addition to your breakfast.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Edeka brings coded tuna customer origin can check via the Internet

The Hamburg Edeka Group, with more than 2,000 fresh fish counters one of the most important fish dealers in Germany, makes it possible for their new tuna product to the consumer to trace the origin of the fish directly from the fishing vessel. This is every can of Edeka brand with a tracking code is provided, said the supermarket chain on Friday. The code can be entered under / Tuna: The customer then receives extensive information from the date of catch on fishing area and method to the name of the bulk tuna for sale fishing vessel and the place and date of processing of the fish.

An independent observer recorded on each fishing vessel, the data on fishing operations, catch and catch any. For the new product only of adult yellowfin tuna, which has already propagated these fish. This protects the young and thus the stock. The catch would be kept by measures such as the waiver Lock-buoys, the use of nets with escape options and trained crews as small as possible, which contributes to protecting the environment.

The Edeka group with 42 billion euros, 12 000 markets and 290 000 employees of the leading food retailer in Germany. The group tuna for sale is organized on a cooperative and is worn from 4500 independent retailers. Edeka core business of which is led by entrepreneurs full range of business. With its subsidiary Netto Marken-Discount, the Hamburg group is also present in the highly competitive discount store.

Afghanistan at the Green Week saffron from the Hindu Kush

Tasty. Many questions have visitors who visit the state of Afghanistan at the Green Week. - was raised for the first time at the Green Week. The country urgently needs a trade partner for its goods. In the 1970s, Afghanistan was one of the leading exporters of dry fruits.

It is the spice of "1001", smells strong and sweet: saffron, the dried stamens of a crocus. For centuries, it is considered a flavor of the Kings, as a remedy. Even the Chinese promised saffron for sale to them more energy, long before Christ's birth. The saffron is also the most expensive spice in the world. The small three-gram box at the booth in Hall 7.2a Afghanistan at the Green Week is 15 €. Who his nose in the large glass vase beside it keeps sniffing at the smell of several thousand euros. Most visitors leave it then, even when testing olfaction.

The two saffron traders and eleven other exporters of saffron powder for sale from the war-torn country to present this year for the first time at the fair.

You want to convey a different image of their country, away from terror, Taliban and opium. And they want to again play in the global economy. In the 1970s, Afghanistan was one of the leading exporters of dry fruits. "But the war the economy was destroyed, broken off all markets," tell the dealer. One of the saffron dealer could already conclude a lucrative contract with a U.S. company. In Afghanistan, the plant is to displace the opium poppies from the fields with which the country was unwilling to the world's leading exporter of heroin. A similar role for nine years, also rose, said Mohammad Akbar Mohmand. He stands on a black table, and sold roses and rose oil. Derived from the project "Roses for Nangarhar, which he in the same province in the east, near the border with Pakistan, heads the World Hunger Relief. Meanwhile, build 720 farmers on 101 hectares, said the 58-year-old Mohmand. He speaks slowly and softly, German he learned while studying in Leipzig.

Some people look skeptical over to the bearded Mohmand in his traditional clothing. You walk past the stands, which are a replica of the minaret of the mosque set up in Herat. On the wall behind bulk saffron for sale to them hangs a large poster of a landscape and a village next to the oversized image of Afghans. Most fairgoers to stop but to try the green raisins, dried apricots and mulberries. Buy colorful silk scarves and blue glass and ceramics from Herat Istalif. "The country has enormous potential," says a staff officer of the Bundeswehr, who was six months stationed there. At the stands, he tried the purple pomegranate - which had not existed in the military camps. The 17-year-old Ahmad from Neukölln is proud to present how the land of his father.

Michael Brenncke from Neukölln knows the state only heard about his son, a soldier. Now he wants to gain an impression. The Afghan seller observe what the show is rarely the case: the visitors are really interested in the country.

State bankruptcy in Greece

Buy feta cheese and olive oil!
The Greek budget hole to bring the countries of the euro zone in distress. Germany has guilt. BY BEAT WILLMS

Closed Business: In Athens, making the crisis even noticeable. Photo: dpa

The huge public debt of Greece, the other countries of the euro area and the European Central Bank (ECB) put on alert. Because of the reduced credit rating agencies now have three of the member country also radiates to the common currency. In particular olive oil for sale German officials as Chancellor Angela Merkel and Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU both) demand as far back sanctions. Representatives of the EU Commission and the ECB have in the past week in Athens rummaged through the budgets and demand stronger savings efforts of Greece.

The problem can not be dismissed out of hand: Greece has a budget deficit of officially 12.7, but possibly up to 14.5 percent of its economic output. And governments should have the numbers expected beautiful for years to meet the stability criteria for the euro, allowing only a deficit of 3 percent. Worse than the negative balance state alone but the combination with a similar deficit in the current account. Greece produces significantly less than it consumes, and it must import more than it can export.


Normally a country would have such a twin deficit devalue its currency and reduce the cost so that its exports and attract foreign direct investment. Because of the single currency, Greece is blocking this solution.

The Commerzbank analysts have noted in a recent study three possible future scenarios. As "very unlikely" case, they refer to a breakdown of the European Monetary System. These interests are too strong to hold together the Union. The second option would be "orderly exit" from the Greek € composite. But the rules may look not include a procedure, but there the authors find "remarkable" that the ECB has recently published a study on this very topic, "The Third -. And in the opinion of most experts, most likely - scenario is that the better-off euro-zone countries support Greece.

Officially stand out so far, however, both the Member States and the ECB. Ultimately, however, could the leaders "extraordinary event" notice in a country and help decide, subject to conditions. Examples could direct loans or loan include a joint €.

Economists such as the UNCTAD chief economist Heiner Flassbeck or the head of the German Institute for Macroeconomic Research, Gustav Horn go beyond that: They keep Germany in particular for the guilt for the misery in Greece or extra virgin olive oil for sale and Co - and thus in a street '. Current account deficits as the Greek were only possible because countries like Germany have significant current account surpluses and Flassbeck. "Germany has increased the competitiveness of its export industry in that it more than ten years were practically a non-wage increase policy." According to the ECB's inflation target unit labor costs should rise by around 2 percent, so in ten years by about 22 percent. In Germany, they climbed in the last ten years, but just 8 percent in Greece, however, by 28 "Greece is so much closer to the norm than Germany," said Flassbeck. Germany will be but taken by anyone to justice.

And the solution? Flassbeck would prefer if the EU were to agree on a basic plan for the approximation of the wage gains - even if the result of collective bargaining is difficult. In addition IMK chief calls Horn a strategic change of the German economy. This would also bring it to the Import world champion, so other countries can sell more goods to Germany. "We now need not buy all the feta cheese and olive oil," said Horn. If German domestic demand increase, either at the "the dense plexus in the euro area," a sensible impulse and for Greece.

As relief Flassbeck is also a European bond not averse to this would constitute a subsidy mediated Greece and other deficit countries: The countries of the euro zone would take together in the money markets money. The interest thereon would be significantly lower than that which would have to pay for Greek bonds, but significantly higher than for German government bonds.